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To The Victor Go The Spoils
Finally got done flat colouring this masterpiece, the lineart and shading of which were drawn for me by the extremely talented :iconfyuvix: / Tato @
I have been wanting to commission an epic dungeon scene for a long time, and now it's a reality. I hope people enjoy it, and apologies for the slightly harsher treatment some characters are getting - it's nothing I haven't seen before in old comics/cartoons, but I marked the pic as mature just in case.

So, who have we got here?

On the outer rim of the room, from left to right,

Eriss the Gomamon, and Angelus the Tailmon - "Reminds us of when we were dating."
May the Mew - "Happens every time. The moment I get cuffed up, I get all itchy."
Kami the Faithmon - "I can feel it dripping into my pouch."
Hazard the Mimiga - "I need a drink."
Milla the Torchic - "Cute goat! I wish it would go and be cute elsewhere.."
Sophia the Plusle and Samuel the Minun - "We want to try EVERYTHING out!"
Tiktik the Kushiban - "Keep spinning me right round, baby right round."

Then on the lower floor, roughly from left to right,

Brook the Oshawott - "I asked to see their head of HR. Turns out he's the guy in with me."
Eggmon the...Eggmon - "I think I can guess what's in store for me.."
Pearl the Mudkip - "I don't liek this!"
Marshall the Pikachu - "Stretching? I have two children. This is nothing."
Victor the Buneary, the master of all this madness. "Welcome to my playroom, I have a lot of friends, and so many fun toys."
Primrose the Stunky - "These are delicate gamer's thumbs!"
Squirt the Pichu - "That sounds so wrong when you write it like that."
Jayce the Pichu - "This floor is really cold."
Honourable mention to the Sableye family. It might look like a filthy dungeon, but to them, it's like a high class apartment.

Milla, Eggmon and Pearl belong to :iconmini-marianne:
Lineart and shading (C) :iconfyuvix:
Flat colours, other characters (C) Me.
Thanks everyone, much appreciated ^_^
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No, sorry, I don't mean a new DA username, I'm not that powerful. It's just a bit of levity, a service I'm offering freely. Any takers?

Satisfied customers;
:iconwindycitypuma: -> Mucho Pistachio, legendary luchadore,
:iconlaughingman008: -> Captain Cokkenballs, the saltiest seaman ever to sail the Spanish Main.
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  • Playing: Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra
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Hope everyone's having a good day! Mine's going great. I got some chocs, cash, games, now I'm full of turkey. I love Christmas; even the fact that my parents split up on Christmas Day 1999 has never dampened my Christmas spirit.

But if there's one thing I can't stand, it's Christmas pop songs. So I'm curious about one thing, what's the one song you really can't stand?

Number 1 on my hate list is Slade's 'Merry Christmas Everyone'.

A close Number 2 (or 'yule log') is 'Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time'. Sorry Paul.

This last one isn't exactly a 'Christmas Song'. It is a novelty song that became 'Christmas #1', topping the UK pop charts in 1993, beating Take That's 'Babe' (which I hated too, bleh). Presenting; the Mr Blobby Song.

(Mr Blobby came into existence as a mascot for a fake children's TV show, created for saturday night show 'Noel's House Party'. He was used to prank celebrities who were invited to star in a segment for the fake show, but who then had to deal with Blobby's incompetence and unprofessionalism. Later he kinda became a mascot for Noel's House Party itself and would frequently make appearances on it. After the 'success' of the song, merchandise featuring him was released, as well as three Mr Blobby theme parks which all failed spectacularly. The character soon faded into obscurity, and is often nominated for the worst/most annoying TV character ever.)

There are two songs I'm kind of expecting my US watchers to mention, they are 'Christmas Shoes' and 'Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer', songs most people over here have never even heard of, plus an honourable mention for Frosty the Snowman, one people here know but is rarely played. So yeah, do tell, any you really can't stand, I'd like to hear.
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Thanks everyone, much appreciated ^_^
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  • Listening to: Mike Batt
  • Watching: Hokuto no Ken
  • Playing: Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra
  • Eating: Pringles (Bacon)


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